Design and Frosted Films

Interior glass can be transformed into exciting and practical works of art with Frosted and Designer Films. The effects achieved are limited only by the imagination, with a range of films that includes opaque, frosted (acid etch effect), sparkle (sandblasted effect), and a range of pre-printed designs. This versatility makes the films Frosted and Designer Film range cost effective and creatively flexible. Glass partitioned offices take on a brilliant new look too, providing privacy without the ‘closed in’ feeling or the expense and maintenance of traditional curtains or blinds. Company logos and graphics are just two of the many eye-catching possibilities achievable using Frosted and Designer Films.

  • Enhance the look and feel of the business or home
  • Outdoor or interior use application
  • Print logos, graphics, unique designs on existing glass partitions
  • An innovative alternative to the expense and appearance of conventional blinds and their maintenance and cleaning
  • The range includes opaque, frosted, sparkle or pre-printed designs
  • Custom designs available

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